you into the firm of P. Wright & Sons as a partner."
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ousness of his dress, the arrogance of his manner, his cultured mind, his shrewd business capacity, gave additional effect to his claim. He seemed a man worthy in every way of the favor he sought. The Chief's face was expressive of satisfaction in the highest degree, and could hardly have deceived the young Englishman with refere

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    ing in his thoughts. The

    y left the office together at twilight and

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    led beyond the village by

    a pleasant walk to the White House. It was

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    , calm evening, with har

    dly a sound to break the stillness but a c

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    ce, the hum of insects and the rushing wat

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entered a grove of stately trees they beheld an unexpected vision. It was Abbie. Her proud dark eyes were fixed upon the

ground as though some passion or struggle were raging within. By her side was Thomas Br

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igham, who stood looking intently into her face, hol